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The Virtual Experience

Recognizing the need for an alternative to the physical classroom due to the current pandemic and the obligation as educators to differentiate instruction while offering inclusive equitable environments. A plan was created to serve families all over the world. The Nest Child Development Center serves families despite their race, religion, class, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, ability or disability. Our goal is to teach students who may have had minimal opportunities to experience specific academic situations or may need a little help. As the world evolves and the need for technology increases, we find that it is essential to offer the opportunities of virtual tutoring to all students. Our top priority is increasing student knowledge and competencies, which leads them to a successful school year and beyond. It starts as early as preschool, which is why the need for a technology-rich environment was the top priority. Our virtual tutoring session not only prepares the student for their academic endeavors but we also offer life skill coaching which prepares students for real-world experiences.

Inclusion and the Need for Virtual Experiences

Students have an opportunity to get engaged, inspired, and explore; they learn to solve challenges, and one day they might help solve the issues of the world. Students need opportunities to learn how to handle devices as well. Technology is an essential component of learning as well as virtual experiences. With digital applications, resources, and tools, students can create, collaborate, imagine, and learn simultaneously. Personalized experiences put students at the center of learning and empowers the students to take control of their education through flexibility and choice, that's what virtual tutoring oransfon from a physical classroom to a blended class (physical and online) or an online-only classroom, it is essential to understand how virtual tutoring helps make the school experience a little more manageable.

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