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I watched the video Ted Lasso's "Dart Game," many things filled my head based on my experiences in this beautiful world. A biblical verse came to mind, "judge lest ye be judged." I choose not to judge until I have had enough occurrences to form an opinion of another, and of course, my opinions are a direct reflection of what is inside of me, either active or dormant. Sometimes people see the outer without ever getting to know the inner. Dr. King once said, "judge me by the content of my character and not by the color of my skin." As human beings, out of curiosity, we automatically see the outer of a person or judge them based on other people's experiences. Speaking for myself, how I am with one person is never how I am with another. I believe in the significance of the interaction. I love working with children because they see the beauty undiluted by opinions and perceptions. Their curiosity is blunt, honest with an open heart to learn what they are seeking to learn. Take the game "I spy," for example. It goes as such… "I spy with my little eye" because the eyes are so small compared to the magnitude of the soul and what is so big inside of EVERY PERSON. We spend so much time looking at the beauty outside and around us in the game of "I Spy," yet so little time focusing on building that interpersonal connection with each other. I am not saying "I Spy" is not fun; I love the game, but it goes deeper there are so many realms to "I Spy." I believe that everyone has intent that derives from curiosity, which then leads to questions. It's how we approach these questions that make a world of difference. Letting love and respect guide you because you are part of the key to "killing the cat" (remember that saying "curiosity killed the cat"?) Wait a minute, yes, I like cats. Still, it's simply saying being curious about other people's affairs may get you into trouble unless you are genuinely willing to wholeheartedly understand where they are coming from or who they are.

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