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Online Preschool (Weekly Rate)

Online Preschool (Weekly Rate)

Your Child Learns at Their Own Pace

Teachers have to monitor and instruct an entire classroom of children at an institution, sometimes having up to 22 students. For that reason, if your child is struggling with a subject, they may be left behind and can develop self-esteem issues, not to mention that they might not advance. On the other hand, if your child learns quickly, they may get bored and disruptive while waiting for the others to catch up. With our online preschool, your child will learn at their own pace based on what works for them, meaning they learn much better overall. Our online platform is culturally centered on supporting your child’s needs.


The online classroom features three days of virtual instruction (MON/WED/FRI) and two days (TUE/THUR) of at home projects centered around the studnets needs. Each virtual session will be 45 minutes per day with a break as needed, session times vary and in most cases can be adjusted to meet the needs of the family. The sessions are multifaceted, inclusive, action-packed, and filled with learning opportunities. Up to four other students will join your child during each session. The cost for the online classroom is a weekly flat rate.  Materials needed for the class are included in the cost of the program, sent out once monthly and *occabonus materials are mailed for free through priority shipping!

    $150.00 Regular Price
    $99.00Sale Price
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